Webb Dock Update Flyer #4

Webb Dock committee met with management on the 5th March and we have given Patrick a clear message that it is time to get serious. We honed in on the compensation, order of pick, transfers, grandfathering of redundancies, rosters, selection criteria and protecting what we have are among our top concerns.

We want the company to realise it is time to respond to our issues and our concerns and for the future of the Patrick workforce.

We want Patrick management to get their act together! We don’t want these meetings to drag on unnecessarily.

On the matter regarding clause 17.3

The company has finally acknowledged our persistence on this. Local management has advised that some discussions need to be held with more senior levels of management and the MUA.

A meeting of the senior Patrick management and MUA National Officials will meet Wednesday 12th March at 2.30pm in Sydney.

On the matter regarding selection criteria

We have put forward our position that the current selection criterion is too heavily weighted towards management discretion and we intend to seek more even spread of the particular weighting. The company believes they have “consulted” enough on this. MUA has written to management and identified where we are in disagreement and indicated if the matters can’t be resolved, we will file for dispute in FWC.

MUA has filed a dispute with the FWA. A copy of the MUA FWA application for dispute and correspondence advising Patrick of the dispute will be available on our campaign page from 12th March 2014.

On the matter regarding transfers

We have been pushing for the opportunity for employees to transfer to Geelong and ESD from the beginning of these meetings.

Meetings have been held between Webb Dock management and Geelong management and the MUA. 1 Permanent position and 4 PGE positions will be created in Geelong for Webb Dock Transfers. This does not include positions that become available thru reciprocated redundancy.

Members should know that we are here fighting for their jobs and conditions and over the next week we will continue to update you on any matters that are discussed or placed into dispute.

On the matter regarding labor modeling

No decisions will be made by the MUA or the committee without prior endorsement of the members. Patrick have sent correspondence that they will implement their labour model and we are lodging a dispute that can be viewed on our campaign site from 12 March.

On the matter regarding Post July 1

The committee has not conceded conditions. There is an acceptance that post July there will be change.

Our position is that we will fight for the members remaining employed with the company and the best conditions of employment come with us.

On the matter regarding the overtime Dispute

Patrick has filed its defense in regards to the MUA claim for payment of time on time for extension on weekends. They have called for r mediation meeting in the Fair Work Commission. Maurice Blackburn advice is go ahead with the mediation, information has been requested from the company prior to the meeting.

Our next meeting...

12th March: Senior management and MUA National Officials regarding 17.3

Committee meeting: TBC

What is next?

We will report back to members after the 12th March meeting and we will also keep you posted if there are other briefings etc.

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