No workplace issue is more important than our safety on the job.

For years, the union has fought to improve safety on the waterfront. Every day, MUA health and safety representatives, supported by officials, work hard to improve safety, often against massive resistance from their employers.

But stevedoring remains Australia's most dangerous industry. Safe Work Australia figures show that Australian waterside workers are 14 times more likely to be killed than the average worker. This is unacceptable.

The MUA's Waterfront Safety Campaign is a major national campaign to improve safety in this industry, once and for all. Since 2012, more than 500 Health and Safety Representatives have been elected and trained, and networks of HSRs are now in place in every stevedoring workplace. 

We need to get active politically, on the job, and in our communities, to convince our governments and employers that this safety crisis must be addressed. Because these tragedies are not accidents. There are causes.

Meanwhile, the Abbott Government is dismantling safety regulation. Since he was elected, Mr Abbott has blocked the National Stevedoring Code of Practice and twelve other live-saving safety codes. AMSA has been instructed to begin taking apart Marine Order 32, the safety bible for wharfies, which it describes as 'red tape'.

Too many members have been killed on the job. No family should have a knock at the door and be told their father, mother, son or daughter, husband or partner, is not coming home.

Safety must be mandatory. Safety must be law.

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Remembering Anthony 'Hollywood' Attard

Yesterday marked one year since Toll delegate Anthony Attard was killed on the wharf at Melbourne and to commemorate the occasion members held a ceremony at his workplace.  


Breakthrough Win in NSCOP Battle

Against the odds, the Maritime Union of Australia achieved an upset win in its ongoing campaign for a National Stevedoring Code of Practice with members of Safe Work Australia yesterday voting to approve it as a code.  


Abbott Government Attacks Marine Order 32

Ever since it was elected, the Abbott Government has attacked the living standards of Australian Workers. Now, our safety on the job is under threat. The latest casualty is Marine Order 32 - the bible for wharfie safety. Meanwhile, the Government has blocked the National Stevedoring Code of Practice (NSCOP), along with 12 other lifesaving codes. It's time to fight back.

Help make the Abbott Govt a one term wonder. To take action click here now, or read on to find out about the changes.


Vale Brad Fletcher

The MUA joins Maritime Union of New Zealand in mourning Lyttelton Branch President Brad Fletcher who died at work on Thursday.

MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin passed on his condolences to Brad’s family on behalf of the union.