WA Parliament Condemns Ship Of Shame

The Western Australian parliament has condemned the actions of the ship owners of the Flag of Convenience (FOC) Bader 3, which has been docked at Fremantle for nearly three weeks.

The ship’s crew members are owed a significant amount of backpay by its Jordanian owners and have also been forced to sign a secret contract with the Pakistani manning agent Mackinnons to forgo some international human rights.


The motion in the WA Parliament was put forward by the ALP’s Fran Logan and passed with a Government amendment.


It reads: “This house calls on the Premier, the Minister for Transport and Minister for Agriculture to pursue with the Commonwealth suitable actions to protect the human rights of seafarers onboard the Bader 3 sheep carrier docked in Fremantle Harbour and condemns the behaviour of the ship’s owner Livestock Shipping Services and its breaches of human rights and international agreements.”