VOTE NO to Offshore 5 EBA

The MUA is urging all offshore workers to VOTE NO to the Offshore 5 EBA that the Offshore 5 companies and AMMA have sent out. By now all MUA members working for the Offshore 5 will have been able to access the new Offshore 5 EBA electronically. Below are key reasons why we are urging MUA members to VOTE NO. It is broken into 2 categories:


  1. Those current conditions the Offshore 5 are taking off you right now which will send your current terms and conditions backwards – YES that is right – you are being offered an EBA that will see you go backwards;
  2. The key MUA claims the Offshore 5 have refused to agree to. Especially those key job security claims that Farstad have agreed to and form a critical part of the campaign to secure the job security of all offshore MUA members who work in the offshore oil and gas industry. Your right to continue to work in this industry depends on our ability to get these clauses across the offshore industry.

Key Current Conditions The Offshore 5 Are Removing From You Now

  • Loss of PAB ($215 per day construction allowance) completely – for those who are currently getting it you will have it cut off completely 90 days after the agreement is signed
  • All current expense related and disability allowances are frozen so that over the 4 years of the agreement your reimbursement for expenses and disability allowances will decrease in real terms
  • For the first time permanents will have to source and pay for their own income protection insurance - if you are not prevented from doing so due to medicals etc necessary to get a new policy or a significantly more expensive policy without the employer group discount when your employer pays for it
  • For the first time if permanents or casuals do not have income protection insurance you will lose the 5% employer superannuation contribution. This alone means the first 3 years of pay increases will mean nothing for those that can’t get income protection or for casuals who don’t have it when they start new work
  • We note that some of the Offshore 5 employers have taken manning scales out of the agreement which means that they can reduce the current manning levels on all vessels – this will result in large scale job losses across the industry
  • These companies have also removed shorthand allowances

 Key MUA Claims The Offshore 5 Have Refused To Agree To

  • $3000 upfront payment - Farstad have agreed to this
  • Pay increases of 10% over the life of the agreement (they have only offered 7% over 4 years) – Farstad have agreed to a better outcome than this
  • The Australian qualifications and skills wording to help lock in Australian jobs – Farstad have agreed to this
  • 70% permanency level which will significantly increase permanent jobs in the industry – Farstad have agreed to this
  • Claim for mandated minimum IR manning for the various vessel Schedules – Farstad have agreed to this
  • Critical job security claim for minimum training obligations in the Duties clause – Farstad have agreed to this
  • The MUA redundancy wording to stop head picking on redundancy – Farstad have agreed to this

Remember this key point – if you VOTE NO nothing changes. Your current salary, terms and conditions of employment stay the same until we get a new EBA. Importantly we continue to fight to secure our jobs in this industry through this EBA campaign. The best agreement in Australia means very little if we’re not working in the industry next year. The Offshore 5 agreement does not meet the MUA Job Security test. VOTE NO to continue the fight for your jobs, VOTE NO to stop the OFFSHORE 5 sending you backwards. Our industry – Our future! United we stand!

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