Victory For The Dublin Dockers

And a victory for international solidarity

The dispute is over.  The Dublin dockers have got their jobs back.  Peel Ports has accepted the decision of the labour court.

In a message to all supporters Ken Fleming, from the International Transport Workers' Ireland wrote:

"Dear Brothers and Sisters, Just to let you know that Peel Ports have accepted the Labor Court Recommendation and the dispute has ended.
"All strikers have been reinstated. Issues that have not been agreed will now be put in front of an Arbitrator for settlement.

"The strikers are meeting as I write to agree a time frame for a return to work." he said. "This has been the most bitter dispute in recent years here in Ireland. This makes it all the more sweeter to win.

"I would like to thank all in the ITF, Unite, ICTU, MUA and the Liverpool Dockers that without question give there unconditional support to the struggle. The dispute in the end hinged on real solidarity, and that's what we had.  So once again on behalf of us all here in SIPTU/Ireland Thanks a million."

MUA National Secretary and chair of the ITF Dockers Section Paddy Crumlin circulated the thanks to national council last night.

"This is great news comrades and the ITF dockers  role in general and MUA ILWU FNV and all our other mates has been deeply appreciated by our Irish comrades." 

See Dublin dockers statement on the outcome