Victory For Mumbai Dockworkers

Union busting company agrees to deal with union

After a long and ugly dispute with a Maersk contractor implicated in muggings of unionists in the Port of Mumbai, India, a settlement with the union has been reached.

The International Transport Workers' Federation last month received the good news that Allcargo has signed a collective agreement with the Transport and Dock Workers' Union (TDWU) in India.

The TDWU asked for the ITF's support in 2007 after drivers were kidnapped and beaten for trying to join the union.

MUA National Secretary and ITF dockers chair Paddy Crumlin led the push to have global network terminal Maersk put pressure on the contractors behind bashings.

In June the national secretary, ITF and Indian union representatives demanded that shipping and port giant Møller-Maersk get rid of the contractor responsible if they failed to reach a settlement with the union.

The ITF Maersk  network was successful in getting sacked Indian truck drivers their jobs back after they went out on strike over company thugs beating up their workmates.

Now thanks to ITF pressure the company has signed a collective agreement with the union.

In a letter of thanks to all concerned P. K. Raman, Indian dock workers secretary expressed "profound gratitude for the unstinted solidarity and strategic support" of the ITF, especially David Cockroft, Paddy Crumlin and Dave Hiendel (USA)

The new collective agreement  ensures:

(1) all the TT Drivers will be paid for all the working hours,

(2) the wages will be linked to inflation with neutralization by 
additional payment of Special Allowance / Fixed Dearness 
Allowance periodically,

(3) the workers shall be entitled to paid weekly-off, paid leave, 
casual leave, sick-leave and public holidays,

(4) the workers shall be extended Social Security Scheme viz. 
Provident Fund, healthcare benefits, monsoon kits, etc..

(5) the existing pre-revised Incentive Scheme based on the 
movements / trips performed have been increased by 20%,

(6) the workers shall be entitled to other fringe benefits like 
local travel allowance, Education Allowance, canteen subsidy, 
annual increments and annual bonus.