Victorians Protest Dumping of British Loyalty Crew

As part of putting the pressure on BP for dumping its Australian crew off the vessel, the British Loyalty, an ongoing picket has been set up at its Melbourne headquarters.

Braving the Melbourne cold and now in its second day, the group has been handing out flyers to passersby and even office staff from the company.

Today there will be a rally at 12.30pm at the Bourke Street HQ in Docklands.
MUA Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray congratulated the participants for their staying power in trying to get the public onside with the campaign.
“BP are finding our efforts hard to ignore after brushing us since announcing its intention to turf the British Loyalty crew, in favour of a slave-wage foreign crew” Bray said.
“Well actions like this one in Melbourne are starting to get the attention of BP’s management.”
Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith said he had long been arguing with the company that there was enough refined product being shipped out of Kwinana to maintain the British Loyalty.
“BP shipped more than 900,000 tonnes out of Kwinana in 2014, 700,000 tonnes were shipped to East Coast ports,” Smith said.
“There is more than enough cargo to justify having, at the very least, one tanker but BP are more keen on taking environmental and safety shortcuts by utilising workers on less than $2 an hour.”
The Victorian branch will be undertaking a number of different actions over the coming weeks. Members interested in helping out can call the branch on 03 9329 5477.