Venezuelan Fiesta

Introducing Daniel Sanchez & Yoly Fernandez from Venezuela Greetings from Nelson Davila Venezuela's ambassador to Australia An evening of Latin American food, music and revolution


The MUA Sydney Branch hosted an event last night for Daniel Sanchez a central leader of the Rebirth of the South Commune in Venezuela and Yoly Fernandez a community organiser in Mission Mercal Venezuela's subsidised food program.  They spoke about the revolution underway and the inspiring example of what happens when people take power into their own hands.

Venezuela’s development of universal free health care and education, worker-controlled workplaces, indigenous self-development, women’s rights and strong internationalism show that a peaceful, democratic and socially just world is possible.

The national tour has been organised by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network and any donations to help cover the cost Daniel and Yoly’s airfares would be much appreciated.   Call 0423 741 734 for donations.

For more info please contact Sydney Branch

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