Vale Zelda D’Aprano

Zelda D’Aprano who chained herself to the court building in Melbourne in 1969 to fight for equal pay passed away last Wednesday.



MUA's National Women's Liaison Officer Mich-Elle Myers expresses the condolences of the Maritime Union of Australia on the passing of this true warrior for women and workers rights. 

Zelda was 90 and fought he whole life for social justice. She had an incredible influence on many in the union movement and everyone that met Zelda was inspired by her story.

"When I met Zelda years ago she told me the story of this iconic protest and the ongoing fight for equal pay.  She founded the Women's Action Committee to jump start the Women's Liberation Movement in Melbourne." Myers said 

"There are people that come into our lives to teach us that sometimes you just have to fight. She was one of them. She inspired so many."

"I am sad she is gone but her life was not wasted. She had a go and fought until the end."

Zelda said at an equal pay event where Myers first met her in 2011 “I can’t believe we are still fighting for this”

When you get up tomorrow and go about the work that we do. Remember Zelda. Remember those that went before us and did extraordinary things to make a difference.

Vale Zelda, comrade sister and friend.

Please watch this where Zelda tells the story of where she sourced the chain for that memorable protest.