Vale Rex Collimore: Chief Steward

My husband, Albert Rex Collimore, passed away on 4-4-2010.

Rex was a loving, caring husband and father, devoted to his four children, 14 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. His family meant the world to him.

From his first trip on the Aorangi as a 17-year-old bellboy, in 1950, to his last trip on the Iron Sturt in early 1993, Rex loved his life at sea.

He made a few attempts to work ashore when the children were young, but could never really settle. He worked for ANL for around 30 years, most of that time as chief steward.

Rex was a proud life member of the MUA and often spoke of the camaraderie that existed among seafarers, but particularly among members of the union.

We saw that in operation when he became so sick, and found out just how deep and true that camaraderie is, and how much it meant to Rex.

The visits and phone calls, the enquiries after his health, from old shipmates, and comrades in the union, really lifted his spirits, and helped make a terrible time a little easier.

We would like to thank everyone who visited, who rang, who sent cards and flowers, and who attended the funeral, particularly Laurie Steen, who read the eulogy, and the officials from the MUA.

The kind words, the sympathy and compassion shown to my family and me will always be remembered and appreciated. Thank you all.