Vale Philip Eutrope - a wonderful bloke

It is with a heavy heart that we reflect on the passing of Phil Eutrope - a wonderful bloke, with strong principles and a generous and compassionate nature. He was respected by all.

Phil was integral to the establishment and operation of the Seafarers' Retirement Fund (now Maritime Super) for around 25 years.

He played an instrumental role as the Shipowners' Association representative who helped set up the SRF in 1973.

Phil was on the Trustee Board from the start in 1973, and was Chair of the Fund for over 15 years until his retirement in 1996.

As an industry fund our first priority is our members' best interests and Phil was true to that 100 per cent.

His commitment to the Fund and its members was unquestionable, as was his ability to find common ground in negotiations through compromise and collaboration.

Phil worked closely with Pat Geraghty in the planning, implementation and outstanding success of the SRF. Pat and Phil enjoyed a long and enduring friendship.

Their leadership secured the first retirement benefits for Australian Seafarers, following the establishment of superannuation (SERF) a few years earlier for Australian Stevedores managed by the Waterside Workers Federation and their employers under SERF, decades before it became available to other Australian workers. 

Their vision, maturity and commitment to our national seagoing workforce has seen many generations of seafarers retire with dignity and financial independence.

There are many of us at Maritime Super who knew Phil well and have fond memories of him that we will cherish. We were very saddened to hear of his passing.

The board staff and management of Maritime Super extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to Phil's family and many friends.

At 91, Phil lived a long and worthy life greatly significant through his commitment and service to others.

May he rest in peace.


Paddy Crumlin