Vale Michael Meagher

Another MUA comrade dies.

Three times this year Michael Meagher, MUA media consultant has penned a release telling of the tragic loss of a workmate, a father and husband.  This week his words echoed, but for his own workmates, colleagues and family.

Michael Meagher, senior media consultant with CPR Communications, was killed in a skiing accident while on a family holiday with his wife and children in the Snowy Mountains on Sunday.

Mick had worked closely with the union over the past year, contributing greatly to both public and government recognition of the shipping industry and the horrific spate of deaths on the Australian waterfront.

He will be a great loss to us, to CPR, but most of all to his family whom he cared for so dearly.  Mick would often talk of his love for his wife and children.

We extend our sincere condolences over the tragic death of a workmate ,  colleague and true professional.  He will be missed by all who knew him and all who worked with him here at the MUA.

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