UPDATE: Safety Alert: Refrigeration Units Recalled Due To Poisonous And Flammable Chemical

UPDATE: MUA has been made aware of an urgent recall of 'Kirby' drop-in refrigeration units. They are suspected of containing a counterfeit refrigerant chemical, R134a, that is poisonous and flammable.


Further information has come to light today through the Heatcraft, the company responsible for these units.

The company advises that the affected units are not likely to have been used to refrigerate containers. It is not impossible they could be used for that purpose as a temporary 'drop-in' solution, but it is unlikely.

The affected units are typically used to refrigerate medium and large cool rooms for meat, vegetables etc. It is possible they might be used in this way on board a ship.

We are told there are 200 of these units in circulation.


Consignments of the chemical have been intercepted at a number of ports internationally. A similar refrigerant was involved in the deaths of three workers last year when refrigerated containers they were working on exploded.

The models affected are KPC800-6, KPC1000-6, KPC1400-6, KPC1700-6, KSC2000-6, KSC2700-6, KSC3500-6. Serial numbers 1108xxxxxx to 1202xxxxxx.

Note: the units should not be worked on on-site. They should be returned intact to the distributor Heatcraft Australia.

A copy of the recall notice is attached. Further details here: http://www.recalls.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1012031.