Update: Establishment of the Maritime Jobs Legal Fighting Fund

Statement from National Secretary Paddy Crumlin to all MUA members.

Dear Member, You will be aware that recently the membership endorsed a decision to establish a Maritime Jobs Legal Fighting Fund for reasons explained in this previous correspondence forwarded to you.

The structure was that union dues would be increased by $2 per week per member and the amount would be deducted and allocated to that fund as a separate account. There have been some constructive concerns about the G rate of union dues and the Irregular Supplementary union dues.

While the members acknowledge they wanted to be part of the legal fund, they felt the increases based on their earnings were a bit too high. With a $2 per week increase, G Grades and Irregular Supplementary would be paying a 45% increase in dues, a far higher percentage than for those on higher grades.

Therefore, I’m writing to advise that the G Grade and the Irregular Supplementary member’s will only pay $1 per week towards the fund. Branches will be advised and the effective date will be 1st October 2014. I appreciate the comments and the support for the important establishment of this Legal Fighting Fund and thank you for your support.

Yours in Unity,


Paddy Crumlin

National Secretary Maritime Union of Australia