Unions Rally Against SA Govt Cuts

MUA leads rally against cuts to public services.

The biggest South Australian union rally in years gathered to protest the SA Governments cuts to Public Services, Jobs and Conditions.


The SA Government in their recent Budget announced close to 4000 public sector job cuts, Cuts to Annual leave loading and Long Service Leave Entitlements.


A number of Public Sector Unions have recently completed bargaining or are in the process and the SA Government at no time forecast these cuts in their claims.


South Australian Branch Secretary and SA Unions President Jamie Newlyn called on the Labor Government to “return to real Union Values of Fairness, Trust and Good Faith Bargaining, he further indicated that it is a disgrace that a labor Government can attack workers conditions so blatantly.”


“The SA Government has unilaterally legislated away key employment conditions. South Australian Unions are united in its opposition to the Government Cuts.


SA Unions are calling on the Government to “Negotiate not Legislate”, Return to real “Labor Values” and “Leave our Leave Alone”


Further rallies and protests have been organized to keep the pressure on the SA Labor Government.


Next rally Wednesday 3 November 11am @ Electorate Office of Deputy Premier & Treasurer Kevin Foley.

Dale St Port Adelaide