TUF Men Swear

Transport Union Federation representatives swear to take a stand on White Ribbon Day.

From Antartica, to the negotiating table, to swearing in at state parliament, the TUF men of the TWU, RTBU and MUA won't stop swearing -

Never to commit violence against women,
never to excuse violence against women, and
never to remain silent about violence against women.

This year the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has dedicated White Ribbon Day to Akhona Geveza, a 19 year old South African seafarer whose body was found off the coast of Croatia, after going missing after reporting she was raped onboard.

Many MUA officials. delegates and members have signed up to be White Ribbon Ambassadors, including Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman who is on the National Leaders Group of the White Ribbon Foundation.

TUF (Transport Union Federation of Australia) in an alliance of key Australian transport unions - the Maritime Union of Australia, the Rail, Tram and Bus union, the Transport Workers Federation.