Trans Tasman Oil and Gas Alliance Meeting

Deputy National Secretary Mick Doleman reports that the Trans Tasman Oil and Gas Alliance met earlier in June in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  The unions engaged in the Alliance are the MUA, Australian Workers’ Union, the Maritime Union of New Zealand and the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union of New Zealand (EPMU) and together we are making real impacts on working conditions on both sides of the Tasman.

One of the real benefits from the Trans Tasman Alliance was the winning of an industrial agreement on the Maersk rig Kan Tan IV where as a result of the joint efforts of all four unions, the first ever Trans Tasman oil and gas agreement was reached where Australian terms and conditions applied to the NZ workers.  This was 30% uplift on the current NZ rates of pay. This industrial outcome received considerable media in NZ.

See video from New Zealand television on this achievement.

All who attended were enormously pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to our activity into the future.