Training Resources

Negotiation skills

Advice for for MUA delegates on the dos and don'ts of effective negotiation.

Public speaking and presentation skills

Tips for delegates on speaking to groups.

Health and safety tools

The safety section of the MUA website contains a range of tools and resources you can use to organise for better safety. No issue at work is more important than our safety on the job.

Rolling Funds: what they stand for

This wonderful article by Alwyn Allport explains the proud history of rolling funds. Rolling funds - shipboard or workplace fighting funds - have played a critical role throughout the history of our union. With the Abbott Government's attacks on living standards of Australian workers, they are more relevant today than ever. This famous article should be required reading for all members. Click here for the full article.

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    I had no clue what rolling funds were until i read your article while waiting for the dispatcher to give me another <a href=“”">">towing </a> job. Thanks for breaking it down.
  • Keith Baldwin
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    Thank you for the link to the article on rolling funds. We have discussed this with my team in detail luckily we have not had to deal with the complications of paying into rolling funds with my company (, nor do we have the pressure of the unions.
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