Today is the end of an Era



Today is the end of an Era


For the last 50 years Judy Young has been involved in the Trade Union movement serving the members and Officials of many Unions.


State President of the Together Union Vivienne Doogan came and presented a plaque to Judy. 

For the past nearly 15 years Judy has been a staff member at the Queensland Branch, Brisbane office and will finish today.


Some of the Unions Judy has served at -

1964 commenced temporary position at Storeman and Packers Union

1964-1968 - ALP

1970 - 1972 Qld. Railway Maintenance Union

Part 1972 - temporary position at Rail, Tram and Bus Union

1972 - 1982 Transport Workers Union

1983 - 1989 - Industrial & Commercial Relations

1989 - 1998 - ICFTU/South Pacific and Oceanic Council of Trade Unions

1998 - Department of Veteran Affairs

1998 - QSuper

1999 - Part time at Maritime Union of Australia (through Addeco)

2000 - 2015 - Maritime Union of Australia


The QLD Branch wishes Judy all the best in her new adventures and make sure you say hello if you see her as she travels the roads with her hubby & Caravan....