Time To Dump The Muckaty Dump Plan

Since it was first announced in 2005 Federal Government plans to build a national radioactive waste dump at Muckaty, 120kms north of Tennant Creek, have been met with staunch resistance from Traditional Owners,  transport and emergency services workers, public health, environment and civil society groups right across the Territory and the country. We have met, marched, spoken up and organised to stop plans to transport toxic waste on our roads and railways and dump it on an unwilling community. Muckaty Traditional Owners have fought the plan every step of the way to keep country and culture alive for future generations and this June will finally get the chance to tell their story in the Federal Court.

The Environment Centre NT and Beyond Nuclear Initiative are launching a television and social media campaign to raise awareness of the risks that the Muckaty waste dump plan poses to the health of Northern Territory communities, workers, our waterways and the environment. You can check it out here:

These groups, and many more, are calling on the Federal Government to dump the Muckaty dump plan and instead initiate an expert and independent national commission to responsibly manage Australia’s radioactive waste problem. We are aiming to reach 5000 signatures and would appreciate you circulating the ad widely.