The Story of Rupert Lockwood: Journalist, Communist, Intellectual by Rowan Cahill

Rupert Lockwood was many things in his lifetime, variously a journalist, editor, author, pamphleteer, orator, broadcaster, historian. He was also at various times controversial, vilified, and respected. From 1939 to 1969, he was one of the best known members of the Communist Party of Australia.

During the Cold War, Lockwood was a central figure in the Royal Commission on Espionage, 1954-55, the media, ASIO, and the Menzies government doing their utmost to portray him as a spy.

Cahill has spent many years putting Lockwood’s story together, and depicts a significant and courageous journalist. His account ranges from Lockwood’s early training in the rural press of Western Victoria in the 1920s, to the Melbourne Herald in the 1930s, to the labour movement press in the 1940s and onwards.

The story told by Cahill traverses the world, including the front lines of the Spanish Civil War where Lockwood was a correspondent. It is a story filled with drama, action, intrigue, spooks, ruling class perfidy, maritime history, and details never made public before.

This work has recently earned Cahill a doctorate from the University of Wollongong, and can be freely downloaded here. A brief introduction can be read here.

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  • Harry Wilson
    commented 2017-11-22 08:10:38 +1100
    Cahill truly was a courageous journalist. Thanks for posting his story.
  • sad sad
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    I have read his story on most of the news sites like blogs, and these articles has revealed many things. I really wanna appreciate Cahill for the contribution to present the Lockwood’s story to all people.
  • Leah Hatin
    commented 2017-04-11 21:15:24 +1000
    I have read biography of Rupert Lockwood in a magazine by There are many unsung heroes like Lockwood who shed their blood for the betterment of our country.
  • Geoff Klimpsch
    commented 2016-09-23 10:14:39 +1000
    Rupert Lockwood, in his later years lived at 82 Annesley St Leichhardt.
    Very interesting old man, and he would be astounded (from the grave) to note that this house last week sold for $1,341,000.