The Hungry Mile and Barangaroo

Sydney artist Jane Bennett has been artist in residence on the Hungry Mile for the past 5 years, documenting the end of an era with the closure of our working harbour.

Jane Bennett first exhibited her works with the union as part of the 2008 Laborfest held in conjunction with the MUA Delegates' Conference at Mining and Maritime international seminar in Darling Harbour.

She describes herself as Artist in Residence at the Hungry Mile, East Darling Harbour Wharves as a working port.

"I painted on the wharves; in the midst of the bustle of cars,trucks & forklifts, from the top of the Harbour Control Tower & even from the bridge of the ships," she said.

After the last cargo ship sailed, Jane painted the demolition of the wharves and World Youth Day 2008. Now she is painting the development of Barangaroo and the Hungry Mile commemoration of maritime history on the foreshore.

View a selection of Jane Bennett paintings  Barangaroo Sydney

Jane also has a blog showing her works in progress on the wharf : "Industrial Revelation"