Tell Woolworths To Fill Up On Aussie Fuel

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has offered its support to the Tell Woolworths campaign, where workers have commenced a campaign to save 700 jobs at Caltex's Kurnell petrol refinery.

Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith said the manufacturing industry is vital to the maintenance of a vibrant costal shipping industry. 

"The destruction and offshoring of refining processes will lead to the removal of Australian crewed costal product tankers. The destruction of manufacturing means Australian crewed ships also leave the coast.

"This fight is as relevant for the MUA as it is the AWU and we stand with the manufacturing unions in defending and extending Australia's manufacturing base," said Mr Smith.

AWU National Secretary Paul Howes said the Tell Woolworths campaign was aiming to convince the supermarket giant to sell Australian-refined fuel at its Woolworths/Caltex co-branded supermarkets.

"The Caltex refinery is an important part of Australia's energy security infrastructure.

"If we're not refining at least some of our fuel locally, then we are more exposed to cost rises from overseas suppliers

"Retaining a local manufacturing presence would give Caltex greater flexibility, and would be an important safeguard for motorists should there be a spike in the cost of imported fuel."

Aussie fuel at Woolworths servos

Mr Howes said Caltex had a retail alliance with Australian supermarket giant Woolworths, with over 550 co-branded Caltex Woolworths and Caltex Safeway petrol stations around Australia.

"Given that Woolworths has such a close relationship with Caltex, it's time that Woolies put its foot down and demanded that Caltex continue selling Australian fuel in their co-branded servos.

"By filling up on Aussie fuel, Woolworths can help save 700 jobs at Kurnell, and ensure that we retain our national petrol refining capacity."

Committment to local jobs

Mr Howes said he expected Woolworths to respond positively to the campaign to save jobs at the Kurnell refinery.

"Woolworths has invested millions into a national marketing campaign based on its commitment to local suppliers and local jobs.

"If Woolworths is serious about using Australian suppliers then it will it make sure its petrol stations fill up on Aussie fuel into the future."

Shoppers and motorists can tell the CEO of Woolworths to fill up on Aussie fuel by going to