Supporters Rally to Protest First Forced Eviction from Millers Point

Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) members will join tenants and supporters gathering outside the home of Peter Muller tomorrow when he is set to become the first resident forcibly removed from Millers Point.

Peter is a low-income, 57 -year -old electrician who has lived in the area for nearly two decades. He has spent the past 7 years in public housing at 32 High Street, Millers Point. 

“When the Sheriff comes tomorrow I’ll end up sleeping in my car out the front and couch-surfing with locals because I refuse to leave the area over this injustice,” Mr Muller said.

“120 years ago, the Stevedores fought for and won this affordable housing for Sydney’s city workers. This NSW Government is the first landlord we have had to turn its back on its people and move to sell off the right to decent, affordable housing close to the city”

MEDIA ALERT: 9.30am, Tuesday 9 May, 2017

What: First forced eviction of Millers Point resident.

Where: 32 High Street, Millers Point, Sydney

Contact: Peter Muller 0414 633 300 Barney Gardner 0402 550 603

Former MUA member, local resident and supporter Barney Gardner said the NSW Government was not about local people any more.

Mr Gardner, who was born in Millers Point and has lived there his whole life, said the area had a rich maritime history that had helped breed a strong, tight and loving community.

“We are not going to let a greedy government cash grab destroy the lives and community we have built over decades,” Mr Gardner said. 

MUA Sydney Branch Secretary Paul McAleer said the union would continue to fight for hard working Australians being kicked to the kerb by Coalition governments.

“They threw us out of our jobs down there and now they are trying to throw us out of our homes,” Mr McAleer said.

Peter has always made a stand to keep Millers Point public housing and his banners can be seen draping the area. Peter wishes to remain in his community where he is needed as an important contributor caring for his less fortunate neighbours.