Statement Of Solidarity By MUA for Argentine Vessel

Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia and President of the International Transport Workers Federation, issued the following statement of solidarity relating to the Argentine Vessel Libertad:

Image - Members-of-the-ARA-Libert-008.jpeg

“The MUA condemns the injunction imposed by the Government of Ghana on the Argentine vessel Libertad as a violation of international maritime law. This violation of law can create a precedent that will affect transport workers in planes or ships in different parts of the world.

The Ghana injunction comes at the urging of one of the worst international financial predators, Paul Singer, a US hedge fund billionaire who has made a vast fortune preying on countries and workers around the world, a fortune made partly by investing in anti-union companies. In trying to hold hostage one government over a dispute on sovereign  debt by holding the Libertad hostage, Singer shows that he only holds one thing sacred: making more profit and building his wealth. Motivated by greed, and not the respect of the rule of law, Singer has even refused the two debt swap programmes that have succeeded in restructuring 95 percent of Argentina’s defaulted debt.

The MUA, however, believes that the rule of law must be adhered to. Therefore, it calls for the immediate release of the vessel. Singers actions are further to be condemned as he is holding  a training vessel of young Argentinian men and women seeking a career at sea reflecting generally the lack of regard his company has for the human consequences of their commercial decisions. ”