Stand with Hutchinson workers

At the stroke of midnight, 97 workers were sacked by email. 

Nearly a week after sacking 40% of their workforce in one go, Hutchison Ports are still trying to spin the story and security guards in balaclavas still patrol the gates. 

Pledge your support today to make it clear to Hutchison Ports that we won’t tolerate a company who treats it’s workers this way. No one deserves to be fired at midnight by text message.

Workers weren’t even allowed to pack up their personal belongings, instead being told their lockers would be dumped in a box and couriered to their homes.

And it doesn’t stop there. Over the weekend, Eric Abetz (the Federal Minister for Employment) added fuel to the fire - endorsing the businesses behaviour by saying it was “appropriate” for workers to be dismissed by text message or email.

It’s clear that big business and the Abbott Federal Government do not have workers interests at heart. Add your name to let the Hutchison Port workers know you’ve got their back. Add your name today to make it clear that sacking by text message isn’t on - not now, not ever.

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Brisbane picket week one:

Botany picket week one:

Hutchinson Updates


Working Life: What it Feels Like to be Sacked by Text

By Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Emma Maiden

Graeme is 54 years old. In the last 15 years, he has been made redundant five times, most recently via email and text message by Hutchison at Port Botany. His story is not uncommon: secure quality jobs in Australia are fast disappearing.


Hutchison Botany Has Got Mail

Hutchison Port Botany has a new mailing address: Struggle Village, 97 Sirius Road, Botany, NSW


Hutchison Workers Resolute

As the union moves into negotiations in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) over the next couple of days, the community assemblies remain ongoing.

Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith, who is taking part in the FWC discussions, said it was important to keep up the pressure because the company would never had come to the table if the assemblies were not initiated in Brisbane and Sydney.


One Step Forward: Parties Meet at Table in Hutchison Dispute

Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) National Secretary Paddy Crumlin has welcomed Hutchison Ports Australia back to the negotiating table following the sacking of 97 wharfies three weeks ago.