Solidarity With Guam Dock Workers

The Maritime Union of Australia and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union have responded to a call for solidarity from dock workers in the US Pacific island of Guam with the following joint declaration.


To: Matt Rector
GFT, Guam's Local Union
AFT Local 1581, AFL-CIO

By email:

cc: Guam Ports Board of Director

Dear Brother Rector,

On behalf of the Dockers' Section of the International Transport Workers' Federation and dock workers of Australia and the US West Coast, we pledge our solidarity in support of your struggle for wage justice, job security, job safety and a roster allowing workers dignity, respect and time for family and community commitments.

We support your struggle to prevent the  Republican governor's plans to privatise the port and condemn management's wasting public resources on hired guns, attorneys and executive salaries while refusing to negotiate for a living wage for the men and women  who work around the clock  -  all too often in unsafe conditions - loading and unload the shipments passing through the port.

Please relay our solidarity to your members in their struggle and let them know they are not alone.

Yours in unity  

Paddy Crumlin,  

National Secretary 

Maritime Union of Australia 

Chair of the International Transport Workers' Federation Dockers Section

Robert McEllrath                                                                            

 International President

 International Longshore and  Warehouse Workers’ Union              

 2nd Vice-Chair

International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)      


West Coast Zone and Pacific Rim

International Dockworkers Council  (IDC)

Join the solidarity action campaign and support the workers of Guam