Solidarity Message: Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund

Maritime Union Of Australia,

It is with great concern that we see crew members forcibly removed from MV Portland in disgaceful act by Alco.

How can Australian authorities accept such violations of legal rights and emerge as a democratic country, and still accept social dumping!

We encourage The Turnbull Government strongly to cancel the temporay licen Alcoa Immediately.

Alcoa behave similarly in Norway, in nearly two years, dockers in Mosjoen been subjected to "lock out" by Alcoa. The way Alcoa operat on must be stopped. The only way to do this is by following the national legislations opperated by the goverment and by international support and solidarity.

The Norwegian Transport Workes Union will support MUA in all leagal ways.
In solidarity.


Med vennlig hilsen

Terje R. Fenn Samuelsen
2. Nestleder
Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund