Show Solidarity with CFMEU: Sign Their Petition to Stop the ABCC

Tony Abbott is trying to get the Senate to vote to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) in the coming weeks. 

The CFMEU urgently needs our support to stop it from coming back, you can show support by signing and sharing this petition.

Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray said it was important the MUA stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the CFMEU. 

"The ABCC is not just about construction workers, the Abbott Government has determined that it will also apply to sections of the Maritime Industry and this is squared purely at the MUA," Bray said. 

"The ABCC is simply about breaking the power of Australian workers."

Last time around the ABCC harassed and intimidated construction workers. It stripped away their right to silence – a right even murderers have – and allowed secret interrogations of workers. This one will do the same.

Please watch this video of what happened last time.

Sign the petition here.