Should We Care?

Have your say on the right to request flexible working arrangements to care for family.

Have you been forced to leave your kids in daycare every day, because your boss won't let you start and leave earlier? Have your grandparents and parents been stuck catching cabs to doctors appointments because you're not allowed to work more hours over fewer days to be there for them?

The federal government has announced new laws that aim to help workers who play a big role in their family, by providing a "right to request" a change to their working arrangements. 

This is a good first step, as those with caring responsibilities are often the first forced into casual insecure work.

But we believe it's still too easy for employers to simply say "no". We believe employers should seriously consider requests. We believe workers need to be able to appeal an unreasonable refusal for flexible work.

With an election right on the horizon, politicians of all stripes will want to know what you think about this issue - so it's important we make our voice clear.

Will you put your name next to mine, and make it clear how important family friendly working arrangements are?

Let us know what you think today - you won't have long to have your voice heard.