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SAVE MONEY WITH SHOPRITE ShopRite is a discount buying service available free to MUA members. You can save money on a wide range of goods and services including Electrical and Gas products, new and used Motor Vehicles, Home and Personal Goods and Entertainment.

Make the most of your MUA membership!

The MUA brings you ShopRite – the FREE purchasing service exclusive to Western Australian members. We have been helping members all over the state save money for many years. You’ll find a brief overview of our services below. For more information call us on
1300 650 214 or visit our website

Want to save on Electrical & Gas products?

Call us on our FREE call number 1300 650 214 and quote the brand, model number, your best price and we’ll get you a great price!

Motor Vehicle Buying Service

In the market for a new car? Our experienced vehicle consultants can find you a great deal on a new or used vehicle. They give expert advice and find you the best price, all without the usual stress and hassle of buying a vehicle. ShopRite car consultants are your insurance against bad judgement. Call 1300 650 214 for more information.

ShopRite Traders

Currently there are over 50 ShopRite traders providing a wide range of products and services to members. All traders offer real discounts to ShopRite members, and any advertised specials are offered exclusively to members and their families. For more information call 1300 650 214 or email us at

Friendlies Chemists Discount Club Card

As a ShopRite member you get the Friendlies Chemists Discount Club Card for free!

With the card you will receive at least 15% discount on items you purchase from Friendlies Chemist (excluding certain restricted pharmaceutical lines and specials).

ShopRite saves you money on Groceries

Your ShopRite card gives you access to Cash & Carry stores in Canning Vale, Bunbury and Balcatta. Cash & Carry sells a large variety of products found in most supermarkets at a discounted rate for bulk and individual items. Members also have access to the Peters and Brownes Factory Outlet which sells ice cream, dairy products, frozen seafood and other food products at wholesale prices.

Discounted Movie Tickets

ShopRite offers a 30% discount on movie ticket vouchers valid at Hoyts and Greater Union Cinemas. For more information call ShopRite today on 1300 650 214.

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Packed with special offers every month, it also contains consumer advice and details of new ShopRite traders. To subscribe; email or phone 1300 650 214. You will need to provide your name and email address.

We at ShopRite look forward to saving you money on a wide variety of goods and services, so you can spend your hard earned money on more important things. Call today and see how we can help you.