SeaTV For Seafarers

SeaTV is partly made by seafarers themselves. Everybody working at sea can join the SeaTV-team and even earn some money. Click at the participate button to find out how!

SeaTV is television about seafaring. The programs are about aspects of the life of seafarers such as the need for legal assistance, health, family life, technology, art, entertainment, recreation and spiritual matters.

SeaTV can be watched on board. Free DVD-discs are available (soon) at seafarers centres in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Durban, London, New York, Rotterdam, Singapore and many other stations.

SeaTV can also be watched at the download section of this website. At our youtube channel even more movieclips can be found.

The SeaTV-DVD's also contain a port database. It gives access to information like the adresses of many seamen's centres in the world. The database can also be downloadedfrom this website.