Seafarers To Evacuate In Path Of Cyclone Narelle

The Maritime Union of Australia today cautioned shipping companies to make safety the priority this cyclone season.

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“Narelle is the first cyclone this season, and it’s time to remind everyone that safety must be the top priority." Said Chris Cain, MUA WA Branch Secretary.

“The MUA and industry have long standing arrangements that no worker should be put in the path of a cyclone, and the MUA expects those standards to be maintained.

“No commercial vessel should be within 500kms of a Cyclone.”

“In the last few weeks we’ve had a barge lost at Cervantes and a near miss off Barrow Island. We understand that Gorgon is over budget, but that’s no reason to put Aussie workers’ lives at risk.”

“Workers in the offshore oil and gas industry concerned about the cyclone or other safety issues should contact their union,” added Mr Cain. 

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