Safety Course An 'Eye-Opener'

MUA member Greg Nippard, who attended a recent OH&S workshop in WA, says information on safety on board offshore industry vessels is lacking


The course, says Greg, was a real 'eye-opener'.

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The course was the five day NOPSA accredited training for elected health and safety representatives held at IFAP Training in Fremantle in December. 

Employees can make a request that their employer allow for the election of a representative for their workplace / workgroup.

Upon notification of elected person(s) the company is responsible under OH&S legislation to provide appropriate training within three months.

The training provides a base for HSR's to better understand their's and their employers role and responsibilities to OH&S under that legislation.

These positions provide a voice and platform for those on the coal face, going some way to giving strength back to the workers to decide what happens when it comes to health and safety in THEIR workplace.

Remember ... when it comes to safety we are all be on the same side !   

Contact you supervisor or boss and request the election of health and safety reps for your worksite now !