Rock Solid Support For London Tube Strike

London Underground attempt to use 'ghost trains' a breach of safety.


 A 24-hour Tube strike in London caused "massive and widespread" disruption  to all lines, Bob Crow, RMT  told media yesterday.

Support for the strike was "rock-solid" he said accusing London Underground of breaking safety rules by using untrained managers to run skeleton services and "ghost" trains.

 Tube workers took 24 hour action on Sunday evening in protest at plans  to axe 800 posts

Many stations were closed.

Sky News reports London mayor Boris Johnson addressed the three million London Underground users during his speech at the Conservative Party conference, calling the strike a "nakedly and blatantly political" action and saying he regretted the incovenience they have suffered as a result of the industrial action.

Paddy Crumlin, ITF president and  MUA national secretary wrote to the UK unions over the weekend to extend the solidarity and support of the worlds transport workers.

" European workers, trade unions and our communities have no further tolerance for attacks on working people for the failure of governments and the private sector to stem endemic negligence and mismanagement of our economies and its essential infrastructure," he said.
"You have made every effort to resolve this dispute over long drawn out negotiations in recent weeks and the decision to stop work on Sunday does not come lightly and reflects poor governance and commitment to an outcome by employers." 
"London Mayor Boris Johnson's actions resonate with the cynicism and political opportunism that brought us all to the edge of economic disaster in the first place."