Right of Entry problems with Qube Brisbane

Right of Entry problems with Qube Brisbane


Bob Carnegie, Queensland Branch Secretary has encountered Right of Entry difficulties with Qube management.


Bob is awaiting his commonwealth Right of Entry Permit. There is absolutely no problem in it being granted except for normal bureaucratic delays. In the meantime he has been asking Stevedoring company management to "invite" him onsite as is normal procedure in Australian business. That is why comrade Carnegie has not been at Qube.


Bob meets with management today to try to sort it out. He is not holding his breath waiting for good news.


On a much much sadder note a seafaring IR, at work, suffered massive injuries and passed away on Monday. A working man with four young children, Branch Secretary Bob Carnegie has been in contact with Christy Cain and has offered total support from our Branch to assist the member’s family.


A fund will be started in conjunction with WA branch in the meantime any donations for the member’s family can be sent through your relevant branch.

Stay Strong and Safe fellow workers.


Bob Carnegie

Qld Branch Secretary