Quadrennial National Conference Resolution Deadline

Branches are to endorse resolutions submitted through their branch committees and forward on to the Communications Team. They will then collate and send to the National Secretary by the due date as per rule 24 e (ii).

To ensure adequate time, all resolutions for the 2016 Quadrennial National Conference will need to be received no later than COB Monday 11 January 2016. 

Please refer to the rules below on informations as to who can submit resolutions.


 (e)      (i) The agenda for National Conference meetings shall be forwarded by the National Secretary to each Conference member at least twenty eight (28) days before a meeting is to take place.

(ii) All resolutions by Branches and Conference members intended for the agenda paper for meetings of National Conference shall be forwarded to the National Secretary no later than forty two (42) days before such meeting.

Full MUA rules available here.

January 11, 2016 at 5pm - 5:02pm
Quadrennial National Conference Resolution Deadline
Communications Team ·
Michael Hanssen Gregory Watson

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