Report 00066

Defects or Issues Identified

"All outboard fall protection was deficient. Large gaps between removable railings and only one top rope on most railings. Crew rectified this in port at our bays but will need close inspection on future ports. Deficiency at 01 bay where there is no safe lashing platform for lashing the fwd end in the 07 and 08 cells, as these cells are over a stairway. The fwd end of 01 bay in the 09 and 10 cells has a large gap to the containers, which is over 1 metre when 40' containers are loaded there, with no safe platform to stand on to perform lashing. C/O informed that we will not accept cargo in this area on future voyages. Ladder to lashing platform at the fwd end of 07 bay has inadequate fall protection to prevent a person falling overboard. C/O will rectify this before cargo is accepted from this bay."


DP World - Adelaide

Port Arrival

22/03/2014 14:00:00

Actions Taken

  • Safety Report Lodged with company

Onward Port