Report 00065

Defects or Issues Identified

"Narrow access to most bays including bays 5, 11/13, 19/21, 27/29, 31/33, 35/37, 39/41, 43/45, 47/49, 51/53, 57, 61/63, and 65. These bays are have access less than 550mm, and do not comply with Marine Orders. Ladder access is less than 400mm (600mm recommended) at most of these bays. There is a pilot access ladder at bay 51 that is a major hazard, being intrusive into the main walkway creating an obstruction for safe access or emergency egress. this obstruction is at a height of1600mm from walkway level,width clearance of approx. 180mm, and a continued length of the walkway of approx. 3500mm."


Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal

Port Arrival


Previous Issues

"Yes, narrow access, narrow lashing platforms, narrow ladder access and above shoulder height issues with high cube containers and 3 high lashings."

Actions Taken

  • Local MUA
  • Safety Report Lodged with company
  • AMSA Notified
  • Safety reps/MUA branch in onward port notified
  • "We were lucky with most of the cargo being 40' containers down in the hold, or at bays that were just compliant. And risk assessed all bays for the foreman to be able to work safely where deck work was being carried out. This included usage of our ladders, harness's and utilising empty hatch covers to access safe positions. Irrespective of risk assessing safe positions for hatch foreman to guide the crane safely, we informed AMSA and the vessel that we could not lash, and the cargo should not be lashed, as access was unsafe to anyone. we have also sent our company a hazard notice on the vessel, and said if it returned unrectified, we would apply a cease work at the affected bays mentioned."

Onward Port