Report 00051

Defects or Issues Identified

  • Safety chain broken on bay 25 stb and bay 41stb on outboard cells
  • Bay 62 globes out needs replacement
  • Significant rail damage along transverse walkway bay 25
  • Twistlocks left lying along many walkways on ship's arrival
  • At bay 05 on bath the port and starboard sided(outboard cells) the lashing platform does not extent far enough thus not enabling lasher to complete their work in a safe manner. Further to this crude welding in the form of 'spikes' have been put in place to hold bottlescrews. If a laher or crewman were to fall into this area the result could well be a fatality!!


Patrick Terminals - Sydney

Port Arrival

07/05/2013 06:45:00

Actions Taken

  • Local MUA
  • Safety Report Lodged with company
  • AMSA Notified
  • "The PIC at the terminal has been made aware of bay 05. Paul Keating of the local branch notified verbally and an email sent off to AMSA."

Further Details

"Bay 05 was isolated and not worked until a temporary measure had been put in place. The chief wanted the crew to unlash initially but was persuaded otherwise. The temp measure was deemed satisfacory by myself and the lashing team. A targeted risk assessment was also carried out which included the PIC. Once the stb side was complete the gear was taken down then erected on the port side. The C/O said that he intended to install a proper platform but nothing in writing."

Onward Port