Report 00049

Defects or Issues Identified

"Ships store container not lashed to flatrack JSSU0800013, when lifting container in front of the one mentioned, container caught ship store container that was placed onto flat rack, dragging it towards portainer, falling onto cross beam of portainer and ship handrail . Ship store container was empty which allowed it to move quiet easily. No comrades or ship personel were injured, but could have been alot worse. This flatrack was loaded in napier NZ , I think once this flatrack has been loaded by wharfies , ship crew may have used ship crane to put 10 ft ship store container on flatrack 2 high 2nd container in. T ship crew claim to of unlashed their container upon arrival in Melbourne."


Patrick Bulk and General - Melbourne

Actions Taken

  • Local MUA
  • Safety Report Lodged with company
  • AMSA Notified
  • WorkCover/WorkSage or other authority notified
  • Safety reps/MUA branch in onward port notified

Further Details

"Ship crew claim to have unlashed container upon arrival in Melbourne, I dont beleive they would of cimbed up on a 2 high container to unlash their container, they say they were doing us a favour. Nobody from our company has seen them unlash container, but doing an investigation we asked for video footage to back up their story. Video footage didnt help at all. This had the potential to be fatal to ship crew, as our swi's prevent mua members from being under portainer crane, unless its under guidance for hocking uo over dimensional cargo."