Report 00048

Defects or Issues Identified

"The majority of outboard lashing platform safety rails are extremely inadequate due to either damage, no means of tensioning rope, rope not even secured at both ends, excessive 'play' or movement, pins missing that hold stanchions in place. Also outboard lashing platform between bays 05/07 port side is badly damaged."


Patrick Terminals - Sydney

Port Arrival

08/10/2013 19:20:00

Previous Issues

"Safety railing had been noted as a hazard on a previous visit to Botany in July this year."

Actions Taken

  • Safety Report Lodged with company
  • AMSA Notified
  • "Patrick has issued the vessel with a deficiency notice re the above hazards. The Agent for the vessel was on board at the time of the inspection and he said that he was unaware of the problems identified and has assured me that these problems will be rectified. To have the vessel worked safely in the first instance, our lashers used a work cage where a fall from height hazard existed and the national planning centre were notified that no load cargo was to be planned for outboard stows unless it were one high where no lashing was needed."

Onward Port