Report 00027

Defects or Issues Identified

"Bay 03/05- transverse walkway rusted through on stb grate. Temporarily covered with chequer plate. Most of the vessel has only a single line of safety line around hatch covers with no means of tensioning. Access covers on lashing 'cat-walks' have no reliable means of being kept in the open position. They should not be used as hand holds at any time. Pins missing on safety stanchions throughout the vessel. Safety lines attached by nylon string in some instances. Every bay on board this vessel that has reefer boxes did not have the cables stowed correctly, which caused a high risk of trip hazard to exist. The last bay on the vessel (69) has netting in place instead of proper safety railing(when there is no cargo stowed). The net has holes and is not tensioned, rendering it useless."


Patrick Terminals - Sydney

Port Arrival

06/08/2013 14:45:00

Actions Taken

  • Safety Report Lodged with company
  • "The vessel has not been worked on the evening shift as the chief officer said that he would do his best to rectify the deficiencies that was able to be done whilst the ship was along side. He said that he was unaware of Australian mo32 and would have had most of the items mentioned complete if he had known what to expect in Australia (ignorance). He had rectified the reefer cables throughout the ship by the end of the evening shift however there were still many bays FOB that required a second safety line with proper attachment. Overall the Chief was very cooperative, however monitoring this vessel in our other ports will be needed making sure it maintains a safe level of compliance."

Further Details


Onward Port

Adelaide then Fremantle