Report 00024

Defects or Issues Identified

Bay 03 - No fall protection in cell 07 – Portside ladder hatch cover - half of the ladder hatch is missing & other half wont close due to handrail in the way – Centre platform ladder hatch is bent/broken & has no fall protection

Bay 05 - Aft Cell 09 Stbd No Fall protection - Rusted and unsafe walkways - Hatchcover above ladder is too rusted to stand on

Bay 11 – Aft Walkway is rusted bent and broken - Fall protection on outside cells is inadequate as there are large gaps.

Bay 13 – Cell 12 fall protection is inadequate as the temporary rails are, rachet straps they used for lashing the boat on the

bay aft (needs to be welded rails or staunions with wire rope rails etc)

Bay 15 – Outside cell fall protection is inadequate Lighting towers being used as railings are not high enough and there are large gaps either side.

Bay 18 – Manual pins down below requires personel to work in hatch and remove pins which may create working at heights issues.

Bay 27 – Aft entire walkway is obstructed by manual spreaders, - Manual spreader blocks access to ladder hatchway portside - Rusted, bent & broken walkway very unsafe (near cell 10 and also near cell 5)

Bay 31 - Outside cell fall protection is inadequate Lighting towers being used as railings are not high enough and there are large gaps either side.

Bay 33 - Outside cell fall protection is inadequate.

Bay 35 - Outside cell fall protection is inadequate large gap between boxes and handrails. - Portside outside cell protection – rails are broken and missing

Bay 42 – There are no provisions for staunchions when there are no boxes there fwd & aft. - Outside cell fall protection is inadequate with large gaps between rails and boxes - Aft ladder Hatchway cover is rusted and seized open The walkways are too narrow at the following bays (Do Not comply with MO32) due to Hatchlid guides: 07, 15 and 23. There are no Handgrips present at the top of ladders at the following bays: 01, 03, 07, 15, 19, 23, 31, There are no clips securing the steel grated walkways at the following bays: 01, 05, 07, 11, 15, 17, 19, 23, 27, 31. Ladder Hatchcovers that are too rusted & won't close (creating fall hazard) STARBOARD SIDE - Bays 13/15 centre platform (cell 11), 15 Aft, 17/19 Centre, 19 Aft, 21/23 Centre, 25/27 Centre, 27 aft, 29/31 centre, 33/35 centre, PORT SIDE 9/11 Centre (Cell 12), 11 Aft, 13/15 centre, 15 Aft, 23 Aft, 27 Aft, 31 Aft.


DP World - Melbourne

Port Arrival

26/12/2013 06:30:00

Previous Issues

"Port Botany Bay 07 - Traverse walkway rusted and gave way under foot Travesrse walkways are in poor condition throughout the ship, missing sections and trip hazards Bay 05 - Hatchcover above ladder stbd side fwd was unsafe had to be isolated Bay 03 - elevated walkway hatchcover above ladder does not close due to railing port side. Fwd elevated platform outside cell has no facility for fall protection 15/17 - ladder hatchover grates are rusted and wont close metal rusted and detached very unsafe outside cell protections in many places is bent Bay 42 - No provision for staunions or fall protection both fwd and aft when cells are empty *Non compliant fencing in many areas with over 300mm Fencing needs to be a minimum of top and mid rail and be at least 1meter high. Staunchions should be no more than 2.5 m apart. *No provision for fall protection when adjacent cells are empty *Light towers used for edge protection are inadequate as the are only 900mm high and have gaps in excess of 300mm."

Actions Taken

  • Local MUA
  • Safety Report Lodged with company
  • AMSA Notified
  • WorkCover/WorkSage or other authority notified
  • Safety reps/MUA branch in onward port notified

Further Details

"DP World Melbourne still worked the vessel with our own provisions - such as harnesses and isolated as many areas as possible. DP World Melbourne Operations Manager said "it wont be coming back to our port". But we'll have to wait and see."

Onward Port

Tauranga, NZ