Queensland MUA Branch Votes to “Take In” a Syrian Refugee Family In Australia

The Queensland Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia has voted to pay for a Syrian refugee family’s transport to Australia, then their accommodation and re-settlement costs for the next 12 months.

After an extended executive meeting in Brisbane this week, Branch Secretary Bob Carnegie said union members felt compelled to act.

“We want to help at least one family escape the horrors of the refugee crisis,” Mr Carnegie said.

“We are all human beings in this world and we simply can’t stand by in a wealthy and safe society such as Australia and not reach out to try to assist those who have the least in this world,” he said.

“The Queensland branch of the MUA was hugely impressed by the current Pope’s stance on the refugee crisis enveloping Europe.”

“In particular, when he stated each diocese should take in a Syrian family.”

The Queensland Branch of the MUA has 2,000 members, who together will fund a Federal Government approved Syrian refugee family.

The MUA will pay for the family’s transport to Australia, then working with the government, will fund the family’s assimilation into Australian society for a period of 12 months – including assisting them with housing costs.

Bob Carnegie will today address 150 trade unionists meeting at the Brisbane Hutchison Ports Community Assembly at 7.30am.