Protect Local Offshore Jobs: Sign This Petition

The MUA is lobbying the Labor Party, the Greens and all micro-parties in the Senate to ensure jobs in Australia's offshore oil and gas industry remain Australian. 

The MUA is seeking all workers worried about future employment in Australia to sign our petition to lobby the Senate to oppose the Abbott Government’s efforts to open the door for cheap foreign labour in our industry. The Federal Liberal Party want  to repeal legislation designed to protect Australian offshore workers and introduce MCV Visas. Under the MCV visa laws, there are no requirement for employers to demonstrate the unavailability of Australian workers. Australian workers will be left on the beach whilst cheap, subservient foreign workers take our jobs. There are no minimum rates of pay or conditions of employment. There is a free for all.
This is not a campaign based on racism or xenophobia but a campaign to ensure we have the same right as workers in every country – the right to work. Abbott has used secrecy, force and deception to stop starving refugees desperate to come to Australia for a better life but  has opened the door for employers to fly in foreign workers to take our jobs.
Unless we stop these bad laws, Australian labour will be locked out of the offshore sector (both marine and construction). Tony Abbott will not stop there. He will continue to de-regulate the labour market in other sectors of the economy including stevedoring, construction, transport, manufacturing and hospitality.
The MUA are encouraging workers (regardless of what union they are in or whether they are in a union) to sign the petition (below). In addition, the MUA is encouraging members to get politically active to ensure we have a political voice to protect our sovereign right to work in this country. 
It is important that you circulate this petition to workmates, friends and family. The only thing that will defeat us is complacency.

To view and sign the petition click here.