Productivity Commission Chief Wants To Shed Australian Shipping Jobs

Productivity Commission Chairman, Garry Banks has declared himself an enemy of jobs in Australian shipping, though a provocative speech targeting new laws designed to promote the industry's revitalization.

Maritime Union of Australia National Secretary, Paddy Crumlin, has slammed the attack on shipping and the broader thrust of Gary Banks' agenda.

"The shipping reform laws are deliberately aimed at restoring a preference for Australian flagged ships as the industry was in serious if not terminal decline," Mr Crumlin said.

"The MUA is proud of its role in helping to develop these new laws through all of the advisory processes set up by the Gillard Government and we make no apology for trying to ensure there will be jobs for our members into the future.

"The coalition only put up an argument for a Productivity Commission inquiry at the last minute as a deliberate attempt to stall the legislation's passage through the Parliament.

"It would seem that Garry Banks shares the same ideological prejudices as the Coalition.

"The shipping reform package has been on the table for some time and it's curious to see such statements appear after the passage of the laws.

"Garry Banks' laissez faire 1980s agenda of low wages will only lead to low productivity and low growth."