Ports Of Auckland Ups The Ante In Wharfie Dispute

A fresh row has broken out between unions and port management at the Ports of Auckland.

Ports of Auckland Management confirmed to Lloyd's List Australia it had filed for an injunction to prevent workers speaking publicly about the dispute.

A PoAL spokesperson said this followed unsuccessful requests for the union "to stop making misleading statements" to the media.

Maritime Union national president Garry Parsloe said the action is a "direct attack on free speech and democracy".

"Not only do they treat their workforce with contempt and bully tactics including threatening to make them all redundant if they don't sign a collective agreement which removes security of employment, but they now have decided that the people of Auckland - the owners of the port - should not have the right to make up their own minds on the issues," Mr Parsloe said.

Another strike is expected to take place at Auckland starting on February 24 and lasting until March 2.