PoAL Deliberates Replacing Workers With Contractors

Ports of Auckland says no final decision has been made regarding the hiring contracted workers to replace members of the Maritime Union of New Zealand.

PoAL and the MUNZ have been at loggerheads over a new pay and conditions deal. Port management also recently announced plans to hire contractors if the dispute was not resolved.

"We are proceeding with consultation with staff and the union over contracting out (employees)  but no final decision has yet been made," a PoAL spokesperson said today.

"We expect to hear back from potential contractors by the end of the month."

She said MUNZ has called off its planned strike for 31 January and will instead hold a stop work meeting with members.

"An in-principle decision about whether or not we will be proceeding with contracting out is likely to be made in early February," she said.

There was some progress made in resolving the dispute last week, with talks held between PoAL and management.