POAGS Locks Wharfies Out For Christmas

POAGS, owned by Chris Corrigan's Qube Logistics, workers at Fremantle and Bunbury will be locked out for putting in place work bans due to safety concerns and as part of their 12 month campaign to get an Enterprise Agreement.

In Bunbury, workers are being asked as they turn up to work whether they are going to be enforcing the work bans. If they say they are they are being refused entry to the port. In Fremantle, POAGS will lock out all employees until further notice. All workers being locked out will not be paid.
"The result of closing operations at Fremantle is that there are now 100 plus people will not be paid immediately before Christmas," said MUA Assistant Branch Secretary Will Tracey. "It is like Chris Corrigan is the Grinch, who cannot help himself but ruin Christmas for wharfies."
"What is not being said about the work bans are the safety concerns that the MUA and the workforce at POAGS has. Close to a third of the workforce is currently on workers compensation due to work place injuries," continued Will Tracey.
"The bans that were voted on and endorsed by our Members, in accordance to the Fair Work Act, ensured that work at the ports would continue, but would minimise the risk of further injuries at the ports," said Will Tracey.
POAGS unsuccessfully attempted to have the work bans removed at a Fair Work hearing on Saturday (10 December).
Last year there were two deaths in ports in Australia.
 "This move by Chris Corrigan's company POAGS means that instead of having operational ports, there will be no work done at Bunbury or Fremantle. Given Troy Buswell's comments during the recent Fremantle Port Authority dispute, we call on him to tell POAGS to keep the ports running. Our Members are ready and willing to work in a safe and considered way," concluded Will Tracey.
POAGS Staff will be turning up to report for duty as per normal tomorrow morning at 6.30AM at number 11 and 12 Berths at North Quay, Fremantle. Notices sent by POAGS indicate that they will be refused entry to work.